House sitting for creatives

Bring creativity back into this city by inviting an artist, innovator, or other creative human to spend time in an inspiring space: your home. Host a creative in your residence while you're away. 



I'm building Launch Pad – an artist residency programme that pops up in homes while owners are away.



I'm interning at a creative agency in London and studying for my Masters. I live in Bedfordshire and commute into London.


Open Call

Do you want to be inspired by a new space? Launch Pad is welcoming applications from interesting and interested creative types. 


How it works




Choose someone to host. Arrange to meet them: learn about their creative practice, share yours, and show them around your pad.




While you're away, your home becomes a pop-up live/work studio. And you can relax in the knowledge that your house is looked after, dog is walked, cat is fed, and plants are watered, while you're away.



As part of the artistic exchange, your creative-in-residence will leave one trace of their time at your place: something to inspire you in return.