What's this all about, then?


London might be the best place to get an idea off the ground but creative folk are being priced out.


“Young artists that might have thought of coming here no longer do because they can’t afford to live in London."

– Tate Director, Nicholas Serota


Since moving to London five years ago, I've navigated the city's housing crisis by living in warehouses, backpackers hostels, and a boat. Then, one day, my mentor went on holiday and invited me to look after his pad. 

That gave me an idea.

Could we launch creativity back into this city by sharing our spaces? Imagine live/work studios popping up in homes across London while owners are away.


The artist residency. Reimagined.

Traditionally, patrons have supported artists with time and space in an inspiring place to explore ideas and develop their creative practice. These opportunities are called artist residencies.


“The time is ripe to open up a new wave of giving to the city’s arts and culture. Public money alone isn’t sufficient, and is increasingly scarce in these straitened times.” 

– London Mayor, Sadiq Khan



A new normal. 

Our hosts invite an artist, innovator, or other creative human to spend time in an inspiring space; their home. We match homeowners with interesting creative folk who can inspire them in return.

Hosts can enjoy their time away knowing that their house is being looked after, dog is walked, cat is fed, and plants are watered. 

As part of the creative exchange, a creative-in-residence will leave one trace of their time at a place: something to inspire the owner in return. 

On the house

Launch Pad is free to use. I offset the cost of running the platform by using the service myself.