What's this all about, then?

Since moving to London five years ago, I’ve navigated the city’s housing crisis by living in warehouses, backpackers hostels, and a boat.

Earlier this year, after a sleepless week in my favourite hostel, I met my mentor for our monthly chat. He took one look at my tired face and invited me to look after his flat while he went on holiday.

If London was one massive hotel, I’d just been upgraded to the penthouse suite after sleeping in the revolving door. One week I was sharing a bunkbed with boozy backpackers, the next I had the keys to a one-bed in posh Putney.

I had the space to create, to dream, to breathe, to do, to be.

And that gave me an idea: live/work studios that pop up in homes while owners are away. 

Pop-up launch pads.

The idea

Launch Pad supports emerging creative talent by matching them with owners of inspiring homes in London who gift their space while they’re away. It's like house sitting for creative folk who need a space to think, dream, and make something